Providing Form Four Leavers with Career Choice Insights

The Nakuru Campus Form Four Leavers Career Day was a resounding success, providing a platform for students to gain valuable insights into career choices, higher education institutions, and the importance of digital literacy in the modern world. The event was graced by speakers, including Dr. Thaddeus Rugar, Campus Director, Mr. Kenneth Njoroge, Senior Career Advisor at Kenyatta University, Dr. Anne Muchemi, a Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration at Kenyatta University, and Mr. Geoffrey Kitoto, a Cisco Instructor at Kenyatta University.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Thaddeus Rugar, the Campus Director, who expressed his thoughts about the career day and emphasised its significance in shaping the future of the students. Dr. Rugar encouraged the students to actively participate in the various activities and take advantage of the opportunities available at the career fair. His motivational speech set the tone for the informative sessions that followed.

Mr. Kenneth Njoroge, a Senior Career Advisor at Kenyatta University, delivered an engaging presentation on the intricacies of making career choices. He provided valuable insights into the diverse career paths available and guided students on navigating the KUCCPS portal for comprehensive career information. Mr. Njoroge's expertise proved invaluable as he addressed queries from the students, offering practical advice on making informed decisions about their future careers.

Dr. Anne Muchemi, a seasoned Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration at Kenyatta University, shared her expertise on why the choice of an institution of learning matters. She highlighted the impact of the learning environment on personal and professional development, emphasising the importance of selecting an institution that aligns with one's goals and values. Dr. Muchemi's presentation sparked thoughtful discussions among the students, inspiring them to consider their educational choices more consciously.

The final presentation of the day was delivered by Mr. Geoffrey Kitoto, a Cisco Instructor at Kenyatta University, who shed light on the importance of digital literacy skills in the modern world. Mr. Kitoto discussed the evolving technological landscape and its implications for future career opportunities. His session provided practical insights into acquiring and honing digital skills, equipping the students with the knowledge necessary for success in the digital era.

The diverse range of speakers and topics covered ensured that students left the event with a broader understanding of the opportunities available to them as they embark on their academic and professional journeys. The success of the career day underscores the commitment of Nakuru Campus to preparing its students for a successful and fulfilling future.