Our Campus has adequate ICT and e-learning facilities with well-equipped computer laboratories. The Labs serve both the campus students and any visiting student from our sister campuses. The Nakuru Campus boasts of real time user assistance at all times by its ICT support staff. The computers in the laboratory are well equipped with the modern computing programs to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital era. All computers are connected to the internet thus making it easy for users to access online resources.
In addition to this, the campus has a wide WIFI coverage allowing students to use the ample spaces available within the campus grounds.

Wi-Fi (free internet)

Our Campus also enjoys strong wireless (Wi-Fi) free internet connectivity. The WI-FI has gone a great way to decongest our Computer Lab at the same time allow for students to access internet at their convenience. The service also helps when the computer labs are closed in the evenings and at night. This ensures that access to the computer/internet is not hampered with in any way.
Apart from on-line teaching/learning activities, the facility is very important as it helps in students on-line registration, research, assignment writing and preparation, general reading, checking of students’ fee structures, examination/academic records among others.

Our Campus library is well equipped and well-stocked modern library with book volumes increasing by the day. Nakuru Campus has a spacious library with a capacity of over *300 users. This is designed to take care of the growing student population, learning programs and research activities. The library is also equipped with computers for online reading and research..


 The campus has spacious and well equipped modern lecture rooms all fitted with public address equipments for audio projection, LCDs for lecture displays at all times when needed. Some of our Lecture halls have a sitting capacity of up to 100 students. We also have private study halls and open Study areas fitted with tents.