Background Information

Research, Development and Consultancy Services
We are committed to strengthening these, through interventions related to research ethics and provision of adequate infrastructure and funding, to enable academic staff to undertake meaningful research.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

In order to achieve our mission of providing quality education and training, we will increasingly rely on ICT and E-learning. The campus has a computer laboratory where students can easily access internet.

Science Laboratories and Library

The campus has fully equipment library and is net-worked with Main campus (KU) Library where students can access books and articles on-line. We have modern offices for teaching, administration staff, and lecture halls.

Why Study at Kenyatta University – Nakuru Campus?

One of the best rated Kenyan Universities. Since its inception, Kenyan University has become one of the leading Public Universities in Kenya. This is demonstrated not only by the steady increase in students and staff numbers over the years, but also by the rapid expansion of the programmes offered by the university. It is in this connection that the university established Nakuru Campus. In so doing, consideration was given to the growing need and demand for higher education across the country. Undoubtedly, the campus is a strategic addition to the University’s growing number of new, innovative and market-based programmes that will ensure Kenyatta University maintains its lead role in the area of teaching, research and community service in the 21st century

Friendly and dedicated staff
Nakuru-Campus has dedicated academic members of staff and non-teaching staff.
Academic programmes. The staff are either permanent or on contract. The teaching staffs provide all-round support to the students including guidance in choice of subjects, teaching, and mentoring the students. The campus is also supported by a team of dedicated administrative staff, whereas the overall management of the campus is provided by the Director assisted by Deputy Director, the Administrator assistant and a Management Committee

Campus Life

The campus provides students with the opportunity to experience the best student life that is truly incomparable. Life at the campus is vibrant. On Friday and Saturdays, you’re bound to find activities to suit your taste such as in-door and out-door recreational facilities, religious activities, music and dance, leisure walk. There are also many clubs and students activities choose from. Students at the campus participate from time-to-time in out of campus activities. These include participation in the famous cultural week held annually at KU main campus, games and sports, educational tours, and community outreach services and career week.

Your Prospectus

We are a university that works increasingly close with industry employers and offers degrees relevant to the employment market. The campus outreach work ensures that we remain aware and grounded by the needs of industry and employers in terms of the research we do and the programmes we offer. By drawing on industry, we aim at enabling you to achieve your goals by ensuring that our degrees have currency and give you the much needed competitive edge. Indeed our graduates are highly regarded and sought after by employers, hence KU remains an increasingly popular choice for those seeking higher education.